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Repeat Printing Course

Repeat Printing Course

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This course will be split it into two parts split over 4 day or 4 weeks. 
You can book one part of the course or book both courses together. 

Part One is all learning how to create a pattern for repeat.  We will go over different types of repeats and how to create a repeat by hand or on the computer. You will learn how to create one colour repeat and then a two colour repeat. 

Part Two is all getting into the technical aspects of registering and printing a repeating pattern on our repeat textile printing table.
On the first day you will be able to print a one one-color pattern and print 4 metres of fabric. The second day you will learn how to print and register 4 metre two colour repeat
The course is limited to four people as it gives the opportunity for everybody to print their design and gain more personal attention on the process. 

All materials are provided on the course but you will need to bring:

Part One

  • A laptop with adobe photoshop
  • Pencil case with drawing tool - black pens, sharpies, pro markers etc..
  • You can also bring drawings or images that you scan 

Part Two

  • Your own apron
  • Sketchbook/Notepad to make notes

This course is intended for people have knowledge on the screen printing process or that have taken our Screen Printing for Beginners Workshop. If you are not confident in these process we advise that you book onto our Screen Printing for Beginners Workshop

If you are unable to make Part One + Part Two and need to book the courses seperatly you can use the code: REPEATCOMBINED to be able to get the discounted price. But only if you make the booking at the same time! 

This course is run by Sarah Buck our experienced textile technician, artist and designer who graduated with an MA in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design and she has over 10 years experience in the textiles print industry. 

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