What is Design Me Textiles?

We are an open access textiles studio for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning various textiles techniques or have previous experience in textiles and want a space to print.

We offer monthly memberships to people who would like to regularly use the studio but we also offer a pay as you go option for people who would want to use the studio on certain occasions. All pay as you go customers would have to come to a studio induction before they could use the facilities.

How do I join the studio as a Pay as You Go member?

If you are a pay as you go member of the studio, the first thing to do is contact us either by phone or email to tell us when you want to use the studio, then you can book yourself into a studio induction and a time slot. Contact details can be found on the About Us page. 

Pay as you go members are only allowed to use the studios during opening hours, which are 09:00- 18:00

What are the time slots?

Sessions are booked in 4 hour slots, they are between 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

How do I pay?

You can make payments to the studio either by cash, card or by bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer, please make sure you notify us before making any payments and if possible use your name as a reference. If you are paying for a monthly membership we strongly suggest you set up a standing order so as not to be late with any studio rent.

Cancellation Policy?

Pay as you go members are allowed to cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours in advance and receive a full refund. Any later than this and you forfeit your day fee. If you are a pay monthly member and have booked a session on the print tables, you need to give us at least 24 hours notice. This prevents others from not being able to access the print tables. If you want to cancel your monthly membership you need to give a months notice.


What is the maximum single length of fabric that can be ordered?

No maximum length

What is the minimum length of fabric that can be ordered and ordering of samples?

No minimum, however if you wanted to get a sample printed which is strongly recommended, the sample size is 20cm long

Volume Discounts

We offer a volume discount of 10% for lengths greater than 10 metres and for lengths greater then 20 meters 15%.  If you would like to discuss this further please contact us at

Fabric widths

The width of each fabric can vary, the maximum width we can print on is 1.6 metres. 

Fabric Care Instructions

We recommend that all fabrics are dry cleaned.

Polyesters can appear to have slight ‘ghosting’ around parts of the print, particularly if black or dark colours are used. ‘Ghosting’ means there could be a slight halo of the colour next to the print. If you are unsure you can have a sample printed.


It is important to allow for shrinkage, shrinkage can range from 10% for most fabrics but can go up to 20% for stretch fabrics. We recommend that you provide us with an extra metre of fabric to allow for this or if it's a stretch fabric an extra 2 metres.