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Digital Fabric Printing Course

Digital Fabric Printing Course


During this 3 day workshop you will learn how to create exciting digital pattern designs ready for printing on fabrics.

This course will teach you how to manipulate images to design a print using Photoshop with the resulting designs being printed on both digital and sublimation printers.

Day One + Two
You will learn:
- All about the different type of printers and digital printing techniques
- What fabrics are suitable for digital printing
- How to create digital patterns using Photoshop
- Different techniques i.e. half drops, spot repeats, tiles etc
- How to have your files print ready to be sent to any digital fabric printers

Day 3
We will then use our digital printers and you’ll see and get involved in the digital printing process from start to finish printing your own design on both our sublimation printer and reactive printer.

At the end of the course you will know how to create a pattern suitable for digital printing and you will take home with you a meter length of fabric either on linen or silk and a cushion with your design on it.

This course is suitable for beginners but you must have a basic understanding of photoshop.

All materials are provided for you but please bring with you:

  • A laptop with Photoshop, if you don’t have photoshop we will inform you on how to download the free trial version

  • Sketchbook with personal visual references and inspirations, such as drawings, photographs, cut-outs from magazines etc

  • Fabrics/prints that inspire you.

  • Pencil Case

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